The NWBLK is a retail environment where designers, craftsmen, and makers conspire to produce and present the furniture, fashion, and objects that define the 21st century.

An interior design and architecture resource, the product line includes Christopher Boots Lighting, COUNCIL, Burwell and Sons Loudspeakers, Basil Racuk leather goods, Yaffe Mays, Phase Design, David Taylor, and Budnitz Bicycles.

Representing the most innovative companies in contemporary furniture and lighting, wood craft, and audio technology, the NWBLK works with artists and makers close to their materials and process. We are also supporting the growth and success of emerging talent.

The  New Black’s Creative Director has had a history with Japan. Commissioned to license his designs to Hokkaido based furniture manufacturer Conde House, Miller was asked to participate in the Wood Furniture Symposium in Asahikawa City in Hokkaido. He met the talented and highly regarded industrial designer Toshiuki Kita as well as Japanese cultural historian and American Ex-pat Leonard Koren, and has maintained friendships with both. As a huge Japanophile and a designer who himself worked in Japan, Miller relishes the idea of creating symbiosis with other businesses in Japan. Having traveled to many places in Japan his admiration for the craft and aesthetic of traditional as well as contemporary japanese design has endured.

Miller also believes that Japan will respond emphatically to the ideas and designs that The New Black and the Mission Dispatch will bring to Tokyo. “The passion for design exists in Tokyo, Food Truck Culture is bohemian and delicious! What we bring is an exciting addition to this vibrant place. I know that its cultural and epicurean appeal will resonate.”

Bikoo provides support services, facilitating introductions, finding new talent, and preparing for future expansions of the line beyond North America to Tokyo and beyond.