Mission Dispatch

The Mission Dispatch is an industrious venue for street food and culinary endeavors in San Francisco and expanding into the Japanese market.  Presenting diverse culinary genres, and  offering flavors not commonly found paired together, the goal is to offer unique, tasteful, and caringly prepared food from all over the country in one centralized location.

Mission Dispatch is in the business of supporting chefs and small businesses that are groundbreaking, and truly devoted to their craft. By creating a cultural nexus for food discourse and eating, Mission Dispatch attracts creative and artistic people from all walks of life, fostering greater connectedness, discourse and interaction.

Bikoo is working with Mission Dispatch to create a street food venue in downtown Tokyo in 2013.

“The passion for design exists in Tokyo, Food Truck Culture is bohemian and delicious! What we bring is an exciting addition to an already vibrant place. I know that its cultural and epicurean appeal will resonate.” – Steven Miller of the Mission Dispatch