How To Build A Demon Proof Alarm System – Psyche Diver

…All it takes to defend against demons and devils is a strong will, a few strands of hair, and our handy step-by-step guide to creating the Sacrosanct Barrier pulled directly from The Psyche Diver Series – Demon Hunters: Desires of the Flesh!

What in Japan’s Name is a Sacrosanct Barrier?

He sat in the center of a Sacrosanct Barrier, a circular area with a ten-meter radius.  Biku had evoked it himself, leaving strands of his hair at the four cardinal points around him: north, south, east and west, each exactly ten meters away from the center.  The hairs functioned as anchor points surrounding Biku in something like a spider web of psychic energy.  Biku would be alerted the moment someone crossed it.

When Biku sits enshrouded by darkness waiting for Hosuke Kumon.  He decides to erect a “Psychic Web” around him that allows him to detect the presence of intruders.  A Sacrosanct Barrier is, in a sense, an alarm system made of pure Psychic Energy.  When a person enters this web of energy, the delicate balance of the Sacrosanct Barrier is disrupted and they are immediately detected.

Why is it Important?

Sure, it’s 2013 and complex alarm systems are a dime a dozen, but can they detect Demons?  Most likely not.  How many times have people invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars to protect their loved ones against intruders that never manifest, only to find that their house is suddenly overrun with Demons?

Take your own risk.  It’s just your family’s prosperity and lives that are on the line.

What Do I Need?

  • String
  • A compass
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • A step-by-step user guide (Provided for free by your friends at Bikoo)

Step 1:  Detect the Cardinal Points

Using your compass, make note of the four cardinal directions: East, West, North, and South.

The four Cardinal Points, represent the four Chinese creatures of the constellations:  the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the West, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North.  These four beasts of the cosmos are incredibly powerful spiritual entities, so by linking their energy we will begin to design our web of Psychic Energy

Side note:  If anybody can draw us a picture of a Vermilion Bird, we will be forever in your debt.  (We’ll probably give you a free copy of Psyche Diver – Demon Hunters: Desires of the Flesh too…  If it’s an incredible work of art.)

Step 2:  Measure 10 Meters in Each of the Four Directions

Now that you’ve oriented yourself by finding East, West, North and South, it’s time to march out and measure 10 meters in each direction.

Why 10 meters?  For centuries, Japanese Onmyoji, psychic warriors that mastered the art of divination and magic, argued about this distance.  Too far and the psychic web is stretched thin, leaving large gaps and weakening the signal.  Too close and by the time you detect a demon, they’re already on top of you, doing all sorts of freaky things to your body and mind.

Make sure you walk straight for 10 meters in each direction.  Place a mark on the ground to remind you.

Step 3:  Create the Sacrosanct Locks of Hair

Don’t worry.  Creating sacrosanct locks of hair is not nearly as difficult as it seems.  In fact, it’s much easier than saying sacrosanct.

Using a pair of scissors, cut 5 bunches of your hair, maybe a half centimeter in diameter each.  Take some string and wrap it around each of the locks to create 5 distinct bundles.  The bundles can be styled any way you feel is appropriate.

The ancient mystic warriors of Japan had different feelings about how this was best approached.  Some felt taking the time to make each lock look fabulous was wasteful and better spent sitting in wait for the Demon’s arrival.  Yet some would go wild and create the most incredible half centimeter bundles of hair this side of the Shibuya.

Step 4:  Set the Anchor Points

Remember how we paced out and marked four locations at 10 meters to the East, West, North and South?  Those were the sacrosanct anchor points, and now we’re going to prime them.

Take four of the sacrosanct bundles from Step 4 and place them each at each of the anchor points.  Now that the first elements have been placed, you should begin to feel a web of the Psychic Barrier taking shape.  Your awareness of the realm within the barrier should heighten.

“Wait, what the heck was that??  Oh, never mind, a spider just scratched its butt 23 feet to the Northwest,” are some things you’ll say to yourself when you’ve begun to experience such an incredible sharpening of your senses.

Step 5:  Seal the Barrier, Close off the Demon’s Gate

Why couldn’t I sense him?  The answer was clear.  Ahh…  Biku nodded to himself.  The black figure was to his northeast.  The northeast led to the kimon, the gate of the devil.  It was the Sacrosanct Barrier’s only flaw.  Coming from the northeast there would be a corridor wide enough for a man with his arms spread to cross.  The shadowy figure had come directly through the devil’s gate.  In order to seal the corridor, Biku needed to place another anchor point, another lock of hair directly at the north-easternmost point of the barrier, in the direction of the devil’s gate, but he had neglected to do so.

The Kimon, or the Demon’s Gate, is one of the most feared points of weakness in any structure.  To the Northeast lies a dark swell of energy through which some of the most wicked and horrific demons have been known to cross.

The only way to seal this dark passage is to place another anchor point between the North and East points.  Take the 5th bundle of hair, walk between the two points, and gently place it.

Listen as the Demon Gate snaps shut.  You should hear the groaning of disappointed demons.  This usually sounds something like “…Aw man.”

Step 6:  Sit in the Center of the Sacrosanct Barrier

You’ve now managed to create an impenetrable Psychic Web.  The moment anything, living or dead, enters into this zone, the strings of the Web will vibrate in your mind, instantly alerting you to their presence.

Suggestions for things to do as you lie in wait:  knit a pair of gloves, peel potatoes for dinner, sip a half melted big gulp, really the possibilities here are endless.

Step 7:  Continue Learning to be a True Psyche Diver

Sure, you’ve mastered the craft of protecting yourself and your loved ones from the horrors of the Demon Realm, but there are more tricky ways for Demons to exploit you.  Learning is an endless discipline.

For more information, read The Psyche Diver Series – Volume 1 – Demon Hunters: Desires of the Flesh by Baku Yumemakura.  It’s chock full of intense sexuality and graphic violence, occasionally involving Demons.  Not only that, but it also happens to be a rip-roaring adventure through a modern day Japan stuffed to the max with sex-crazed monks, kung-fu fighting ninjas, and sexy, sexy ladies.

The Psyche Diver Series is available on and is free for all Amazon Prime customers!

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