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Meet Jonathan Lloyd-Davies

Bikoo scoured the world for a translator up to the challenge of unwinding and repackaging Demon Hunters: Desires of the Flesh.  We found exactly that person in Jonathan Lloyd-Davies. When Bikoo first began reading Majugari (Demon Hunters), we were struck by the sheer intensity of Baku Yumemakura’s work.  After searching for the English version and   …Read on

Wet Hot American Summer at The NWBLK

The NWBLK hosted a movie night as a collaboration between local fixtures Rice, Paper, Scissors and Alite Designs, featuring Wet Hot American Summer. We arrived early, around 4 o’clock, with just enough time to grab a cappuccino at Blue Bottle Coffee in the new Heath factory down the street.  For those of you that live   …Read on

Baku Yumemakura’s Bookshelf

We asked Baku Yumemakura to give us a list of his favorite artists. Baku-san is a very busy man, so the list was short, but there is an interesting range of personalities: Authors Dan Simmons Stephen King Connie Willis Sources of Inspiration Ray Bradbury Sir Arthur Charles Clarke Isaac Asimov Brian Aldiss Film Directors George   …Read on

Pagoda Box and Bikoo

Bikoo chose to run WordPress on Pagoda Box, a powerful, inexpensive and flexible PaaS system. In preparation for the launch of our first book, Demon Hunters: Desires of the Flesh, Bikoo began developing a website to support the launch and give some insight into our work. Choosing a CMS was straightforward. WordPress is powerful, easy   …Read on

Demon Hunters – Bikoo’s Ebook Workflow

Bikoo signed with Baku Yumemakura to provide a worldwide distribution service for the English translations of his books. The first book in the pipeline would be Demon Hunters: Desires of the Flesh — a carnal, violent, erotic, rip-roaring tumble through the underbelly of Japan, featuring sex-crazed Kung-Fu monks, Tachikawa Buddhism, Kukai (The self mummified corpse   …Read on